Fees- Remote Bioresonance sessions

Bioresonance scans

Bioresonance Scans show the energy level of different organs and helps to determine problematic areas in the body of the client. Moreover the scan can help to find the root cause of different health issues. It indicates the presence of viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. It can as well show the presence of toxins, like heavy metals in the body.

Remote Quick scan: 39€

Scan & analysis of one health problem about 40 minutes)

Remote Basic scan: 70€

Scan & analysis of 2-3 health problems (70-90 minutes)

Remote In-depth scan: 95€ -recommended

Scan, analysis and checkup of all health problems & major organs (about 120 minutes)

Bioresonance treatment sessions

In the treatment session, the bioresonance device sends healing frequencies to the client. In one session the practitioner usually focuses on one health problem at a time to be able to do a deep treatment. Usually there is several treatment sessions necessary to establish a lasting improvement of a health problem. In severe cases many sessions are needed. Moreover the client always needs to do some additional own efforts for the healing, the practitioner will give individual advice about this.

Remote basic treatment session: 55€

60 minutes healing treatment with bioresonance (Hunter Metapathia).

Remote in-depth treatment session: 75€ -recommended

90 minutes in-depth healing treatment with bioresonance (Hunter Metapathia). In a 90 minutes healing session it is possible to treat even the deep tissues in the body down to the cells and even DNA/RNA. This gives a deep healing impulse for the body to heal the root cause of the health issue.

For Remote Bioresonance scans or treatments, please download and fill out the Client Intake Form. If you are a new customer, please sign the waiver on the second page and send both pages per Email.
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Bank details

Name: Martin J Ott; IBAN: IE81IPBS99070627573017; BIC: IPBSIE2D

All distance sessions are payable in advance. Please make an appointment early enough to transfer the money onto the above mentioned account. The session will be given after money arrived on the account.

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