Bioresonance Fees @ Pope's Quay Therapy Rooms, Cork

Bioresonance Scans

A Bioresonance Scan shows the energy level of different organs and helps to determine problematic areas in the body of the client. Moreover the scan can help to find the root cause of different health issues. It indicates the presence of viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. It can as well show the presence of toxins, like heavy metals in the body.

Basic scan: 70€

Basic Scan (about 60 minutes)

In-depth Scan: 99€ -recommended

Detailed Scan, analysis and checkup of all body & all major health problems (about 90 minutes)

Bioresonance treatment sessions

In the treatment session, the bioresonance device sends healing frequencies to the client. In one session the practitioner usually focuses on one health problem at a time to be able to do a deep treatment. Usually there is several treatment sessions necessary to establish a lasting improvement of a health problem. In severe cases more sessions are needed. Moreover the client always needs to do some additional own efforts for the healing, the practitioner will give individual advice about this.

Basic treatment session: 70€

about 60 minutes healing treatment with bioresonance (Hunter Metapathia). From this basic treatment session you most probably will already feel a first difference.

In-depth treatment session: 99€ -recommended

about 90 minutes in-depth healing treatment with bioresonance (Hunter Metapathia). In an in-depth healing session a profound deep healing may be possible. 90 minutes gives enough time to treat intensely on a deep level and trigger a deep healing impulse for the body of the client.

bioresonance fees in Cork

available at Pope's Quay Therapy Rooms in Cork

Please pay the following deposit to secure the place: for one hour session 35€ deposit (+35€ in cash); for 90 minutes 50€ deposit (+49€ in cash); for 2 hours 60€ deposit (+ 60€ in cash).

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