Bioresonance Scans & Treatments

How does Bioresonance work?

A Bioresonance device sends a low intensity electromagnetic wave signal to the scanned person and then measures the bio-feedback of the client. For that the customer is connected with a special headphone set. Or in case of a distance session the connection is made over a photo preferably combined with a nail probe for best results.

What is the benefit of Bioresonance?- Overview

Bioresonance is a gentle method without any negative side-effects. Bioresonance gives the practitioner a tool to thoroughly investigate health issues of the client. Moreover bioresonance can be used as therapeutic tool as well. Therefore the system sends harmonic frequencies to the person to facilitate and support the natural self-healing capabilities of the body.

What can Bioresonance do for you? It may...

• analyze the energy level & health status of your organs

• show your weak spots in the body

• find the root cause/s of your health issue/s

• detect the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites in the body

• test and find your allergies & food sensitivities

• identify foods which are good for you & support your health & wellbeing

• determine mineral & vitamin deficiencies

• support the natural self-healing capabilities of the body

• and much more is possible...

Example: Energy Levels of Organs

Energy level- different organs Energy levels- organs of digestive tract

Bioresonance measures the energy level of the cells in the body. Yellow is perfect health, red and pink shows already some stress in the body. Brown and black symbolizes the highest stress and the lowest energy level inside the measured scale. Though even when it shows black, the body usually still has energy reserves and in most cases the values have the potential to reverse back to a healthy state.

Of course this is only a small part of the evaluation capabilities of the system. There are much more data and tools available to get a clearer picture about the health condition of a person.

Example: Analysis of viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites

virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites 1 bioresonance microorganisms 2

Technical & Scientific Background & Research

Read here more info about the scientific research and technical background of bioresonance in my blog. This above blog post gives more information which scientists contributed to the development of bioresonance. It is based on findings of Nikola Tesla and many more scientists from different countries were involved in it. Moreover above blog post gives an overview of scientific studies, which were done on different bioresonance systems. These studies show abundant evidence of the treatment success of many diseases with bioresonance.

Here a link to scientific docs from hospitals worldwide (Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, United States, Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Israel) which researched the NLS bioresonance system scientifically.

Disclaimer: Bioresonance is not officially recognized and accepted by the medical communities of most countries. Medical societies of most countries don't endorse bioresonance.

Full medical disclaimer

Distance Session

Moreover Bioresonance scans and treatments can be done over the distance as well. If you decide for a distance session, please send me a small photo of only yourself. The bioresonance device will connect to you over the picture. While a scan with a photo gives good results, you will get best and most precise results if you also send me a nail probe. If you decide to send the nail probe, please make sure that the nail is clean and free from nail polish. Toe nail probes are best, but finger nail probes are great as well.

Who can not be treated?

Bioresonance is a very gentle method with no known side-effects. As there is not enough research done, out of precaution the following persons will not be treated with bioresonance: pregnant women, persons with pacemaker, transplanted organs, epilepsy, hyperthermia, persons after a myocardial infarct or stroke and if somebody has implants.

Fees & Bioresonance Remote Session Overview

Bioresonance Scan- Full Body Checkup Consultation Fee 120€

• Deep, thorough health analysis of all major organs and all health concerns in the body. Checkup of pathogens: virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites. Determining the energy level & health status of your organs. Detecting your weakened organs and health issues. Searching for the root cause/s of your health problems.
• Therapy advice: in most cases a combination of herbs is recommended, which support the healing of the body. If emotional issues are important a mix of flower essences is suggested. Of course a Bioresonance or Rife treatment is always an option to improve the health condition.
• Ongoing Support over Email/ Whatsapp/ Messenger

Bioresonance Treatment Sessions Consultation Fee 120€

• Quick checkup of the body related to your health problem.
• Treatment session depending on the health issue. One treatment round includes one of the following sessions depending on the needs:
• General Healing Impulse for all Organs (with 8D-LRIS) - 3x12 hours
• In-depth Treatment (with Hunter Metapathia)- 3 hours of individual treatment
• Rifing (with Spooky2 Remote) 7 days Remote frequency therapy
• Therapy Advice: Additionally to the Bioresonance treatment the therapist usually recommends a combination of herbs, which support the self-healing capabilities of the body.
• Ongoing Support over Email/ Whatsapp/ Messenger

Above are fees and session descriptions for remote scans and treatments. If you are a local customer from Poland, please contact me for more information about a personal session here in Poland.

bioresonance therapy session

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