Medical Disclaimer

The practitioner is not an allopathic doctor (MD) and does not portray himself to be one, but is a wellness consultant, Bio-Feedback technician and a certified Naturopath (“Heilpraktiker”) according to German law.

• The bioresonance services offered by the attending Naturopath are not allopathic, but are strictly behavioral, stress or Bio-feedback in nature.

• Any reference to patient within this Frequency balancing is solely due to the technical terminology within the LRIS-NLS program and in no way implies that the client is a medical patient.

• The attending Wellness consultant performs his services within the parameters of a natural health care and wellness system using Bio-Feedback and stress reduction.

•The attending naturopath does not offer allopathic drugs, surgery, chemical stimulants, radiation Frequency balancing, or any other conventional treatments. In addition, he does not medically diagnose, treat, or otherwise prescribe for any disease, condition, or illness. In the bioresonance scan wellness and stress parameters are being measured.

• In a bioresonance session the Bio-feedback technician offers Bio-feedback stress interpretations and frequency balancing.

•The services provided by the attending practitioner are not generally accepted and/or recommended by allopathic doctors (MD’s) or other conventional health care professionals. Insurance payment is highly unlikely.

This product/service is not intended to medically diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Medical Disclaimer

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