Naturopath & Spiritual Healer

The Naturopath works with Bioresonance and Herbs to support the health of the customers. After a checkup with Bioresonance the practitioner may recommend herbs to facilitate the self-healing process of the body.


Bioresonance is a great tool to detect and analyze different health problems. The practitioner works with the Hunter Metapathia and 8D-NLS. Moreover Bioresonance is very useful in supporting the natural self-healing capabilities of the body. The NLS system Hunter/8D is based on scientific studies.

Disclaimer: Bioresonance is not officially recognized and accepted by the medical communities of most countries. Medical societies of most countries don't endorse bioresonance. Full medical disclaimer

Emotional Healing Therapy

To support the Emotional Healing the holistic therapist combines different healing modalities, which had proven most useful in many years of personal experience. The Naturopath works with meditation techniques, flower essences, crystals and essential oils to support the inner self healing process of deep emotional and spiritual problems of the client. For testing remedies he uses bioresonance and kinesiology.
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Spiritual Healing

Moreover the therapist offers spiritual healing. Therefore he transfers God's (or call it Universe/Love/Highest Being) divine healing energy to the client, which results in a purification of the metaphysical & physical body, including aura & chakras.

About the Therapist


The spiritual healer highly recommends meditation to restore and maintain inner peace, emotional and spiritual well-being, as he found this to be of utmost help for happiness in life and even a great tool for physical health. The following website contains the meditation techniques, which he used himself for many hours and which he found extremely helpful.

Kriya Yoga is the website of his spiritual teacher. Kriya Yoga is the meditation technique which was used by the world famous Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote the book: "Autobiography of a Yogi"


Disclaimer: The Naturopath is NOT a licensed medical professional. This product/service is not intended to medically diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you skip medical consultations and medical advice you are doing that at your own risk.

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