Emotional Healing Therapy


Meditation is a very powerful tool for emotional healing. The Naturopath has over 20 years experience with different techniques. He has done deep and long meditation sessions of many hours. He experienced the amazing power and magic of deep meditation practice many times. He uses it daily to balance out emotions and often experienced deep emotional healing through concentrated practice. Even 5-10 minutes was sometimes enough to give substantial relief to emotional stressful situations in his life. That is why he would like to show the client simple, short meditation techniques, which help him to heal emotional traumas, stress and even speed up healing of physical health problems.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences are beautiful helpers for healing emotional issues. Dr. Bach discovered intuitively the healing properties of different flowers for various emotional imbalances. He realized as well that healing emotional problems regularly resulted also in the healing of the physical health issues of a person. From his findings and successful treatments of many patients he developed 38 essences for emotional healing.
Later on other people discovered additional flower essences complementary to the ones that Dr. Bach used. Dr. Bach's flower essences are based on flowers from England, where he lived. Nowadays there are for example as well Australian Bush flower, Jan de Vries and other essences available. Jan de Vries has different beautiful flower essence mixes for different purposes. He uses a mix of Bach and other flower essences for his blends. The Naturopath uses flower essences from different sources for restoring the emotional balance of his customers.


Bioresonance is a great tool for investigating health problems in the body. Many people know already that Bioresonance can be used for testing allergies, finding pathogens like viruses, bacterias,... and other checkups directly related to the physical health. Though for many it is not known that Bioresonance can be used as well to analyze emotional imbalances like fears and conflicts.

Additionally it can be used to investigate different remedies. Bioresonance tests a remedy on the bio-magnetic field of the body. So it can for example check herbs, crystals, homeopathic remedies and flower essences which remedies have a positive effect on someones energy field. If the right remedy is found Bioresonance can imprint these frequencies into water which then help to bring balance and harmony to someones emotions. Healthy emotions may then result in healthy body as well. Of course it can as well imprint remedies which are directly targeted to improve physical health problems.


Crystals can have a beautiful healing effect on someones emotions. The therapist personally had many experiences were the right crystal helped him to instantly overcome a big emotional problem. The challenge is only to find the appropriate crystal, which is needed at the moment. That is why the practitioner uses bioresonance and kinesiology to find the right crystal for the client.

Essential Oils

The Naturopath also works with essential oils to bring back emotional balance in his customers. He uses them personally on a daily basis and experienced many times powerful emotional healing through them.

Emotional Healing Therapy - Consultation Fee 75€

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