Bioresonance fees @ Pope's Quay Therapy Rooms in Cork

Remote bioresonance fees

fees bioresonance

Spiritual Healing & Counseling sessions

@ Pope's Quay Therapy Rooms in Cork:

for Honest Donation, payable after the session

Distance Healing & Counseling Sessions:

for Honest Donation, payable in advance onto my account

fees naturopathy

Naturopathic Consultation in Cork

Initial consultation: 99€

about 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions: 70€

about 60 minutes

Emotional Healing Therapy in Cork

Consultation: 70€

about 60 minutes

Bank details

Name: Martin J Ott; IBAN: IE81IPBS99070627573017; BIC: IPBSIE2D

All distance sessions are payable in advance. Please transfer the money in time onto the above mentioned account. The session will be given after money arrived on the account. Sessions in Cork, Ireland are payable in cash @ the time of the therapy.

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